What is Ear Acupuncture?

Ear acupuncture focuses on five acupressure points of healing. These five acupressure ear points are stimulated to bring forth reconnection of the mind and body while producing self-healing qualities. In general, stimulating the Sympathetic Nerve, Shen Men Points, as well as the Kidney, Liver and Lung Points. These all help produce calm, relaxation and centering while assisting with detoxification, cleansing and nurturing, all of which restore and support the body and mind.  Ear acupuncture is utilized for all ages and backgrounds of people and can be administered in a group setting. 


Group Administered Protocol

Highly Successful



Medically Proven


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Findings & Benefits of Ear Acupuncture

Mental Health & Wellness and Ear Acupuncture

Hospital admissions decrease by 70%.

Clients experience better sleep, reduced stress, better appetite, clearer mind and more energy.  

50% improvement in relieving anxiety, insomnia and depression.


70% of subjects remitted with 64% experiencing full remission of major depression.

Addiction and
Ear Acupuncture

Opiate Detox and Stabilization program uses ear acupuncture to relieve anxiety, insomnia and depression by 50%.


Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia and Concentration in Women with Addiction -  Clients receive relief compared to the same group who did not receive treatment.


Heroin retention program rate increases by 1/3.

Tramatic Events and
Ear Acupuncture

COVID 19 – Mental, emotional and physical health deteriorates for the average American.


The ear acupressure seed/magnet protocol of ear acupuncture is an effective self-care activity to reduce negative emotions.

Stress, concentration, energy and appetite improve while hospitalization rates drop 70%


Reaching the people where they live and work, ear acupuncture sessions are conducted within the community through partnerships with:


  • Large Corporations

  • Local Businesses

  • Nonprofits

  • Schools and Universities

  • Government Agencies

  • Mental Health Clinics

  • Addiction and Recovery Centers

  • Incarceration Units

A Licensed Acupuncturist and/or Licensed Auricular Detoxification Specialist administers the protocol, treating individuals and/or groups of people by placing five standardized sterile needles at specific acupressure points in both ears while clients sit in stillness for 25 minutes. To extend the treatment benefits, tiny seeds or magnetic balls can be affixed behind the clients’ ears. All ages of people may be treated using seeds or magnetic balls in place of needles. This group setting helps to lower overall costs to the organization supplying this beneficial treatment. 

Highly Successful Results

The benefits of Ear Acupuncture are supported by 50 years of solid medical data.  Ear acupuncture is a highly successful medically documented protocol, with immediate results improving one’s mental, emotional and physical reactions in numerous situations and settings. Ear acupuncture addresses: 

  • Depression,

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety

  • Fear

  • PTSD

  • Stress

  • Withdrawal symptoms of all forms of addiction


Providing mental clarity, greater concentration, improved overall health, renewed energy and hope for a new life while relieving headaches and body aches. Ear acupuncture has been used to treat people in their communities, at disaster relief sites, refugee camps, and on and off military battlefields. Ear acupuncture gained additional notoriety after treating first responders in emergency tents of the 911 tragedy in New York and today with those experiencing health issues related to COVID-19. 

Trusted Modality

Ear acupuncture is based in Eastern Medicine. This specific modality  stimulates five specific acupressure points in the ear. These five acupressure ear points are stimulated to bring forth reconnection of the mind and body while producing self-healing qualities. In general, stimulating:


  • The Sympathetic Nervous System 

    • Live day to day life in a physically relaxed body.​

  • Shen Men

    • Establish mental clarity through emotional & spiritual awareness.​

  • Kidney Points

    • Have the energy to see and live within the big picture. ​

  • Liver Points

    • Detoxify anger and irritability through the cycles of life. ​

  • Lung Points

    • The breath of new life living in the here and now. ​

Acupuncture is a trusted healing modality that's been used for thousands of years throughout the world.

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